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Phil is a multidisciplinary artist and creative technologist who conceives and executes work that incorporates performance, sound, photography, moving image, computer programming, and writing. He merges digital and analogue technologies to construct or record his work which is presented as durational multi-media installations.


He started to develop as an artist following a 30-year career working for global IT services companies where he undertook roles in programming, project management and business development across Europe and USA. Unleashed from the shackles of business deadlines, he rediscovered joy in digital technology and began applying his computing skills more creatively. He has variously married these with sound, performance, film-making and other media to create multi-layered works that draw on a hinterland of research, nature, music, songs, cooking and literature.


In 2022 he completed an MA in Fine Art at Middlesex University where he combined autoethnographic research with an examination of temporality and biopolitics through participatory and solo actions and interventions. This culminated in a film Shallow Time, a record of actions he performed at the site where his grandparent's house had stood for less than 50 years and reflected on the impermanence and fragility of homes and infrastructure available to labouring people.


Since completing his MA he and his former course colleagues have formed Fankle, a collective who support each other and collaborate to stage exhibitions. Their first exhibition, Fankle 01, opened in July 2023 at the Coningsby Gallery, London. He has also undertaken a commission to provide a visual accompaniment to Fortismere Community Choir's performance of Rachmaninoff's All-night Vigil. Phil interpreted this as a vigil for the planet and devised a computer-controlled projection that read and displayed live headlines from various national and international news sources reporting on the environment and climate crisis against a backdrop of images of geological and geo-thermal activity that is still shaping our world.


He continues to maintain an interest in technology for business acting as the Chief Technology Officer for a start-up research publishing company.

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